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Thanks! We had a blast at this race. It would have been an all-time fave event even before the class win.

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Well, the punch-line of this post is that I flipped the FX32. "Rolled" is to gentle a description. We got just a glimpse of footage from another car:

You can see a bit better if you view this on the Vimeo page, but even there it's hard to see what is going on. The FX is 4-5 cars ahead moving to the outside of turn 2. Obscured from this camera, I go off track on the right causing the small visible puff of dust. Still obscured I hit the concrete rumble strip and loose control, moving across the track to the left where you can barely see the FX tumbling in the big cloud of dust. The Imp stalled on the right side of the track was not involved in any way, and it was just lucky my out-of-control path did not collide with it.

So I guess I should fill in some back story. This was the third race for the twin-engine FX32, the September 2013 race at Thunderhill.

Here is some of the aftermath of my roll:

Now I know what it's like to flip a car. I was pretty relaxed before and after. The safety equipment was flawless. I was a bit stiff in the shoulder before the race because of the air mattress and pillow I was using, and felt about the same after the wreck. I had a faint harness bruise on my collar bone. When the dust cleared and I confirmed I was OK, I noticed I was right side up and the engines had not even stalled. I tentatively started rolling and then radioed in. I could tell at least one tire was flat so limped around with all stations frantically waving yellow flags, evidently for me. I finally got a vehement black flag at the turn 7 station and nodded and waved a "yes I know, thanks" and took the access shortcut to the track exit. By then an emergency truck was in pursuit and followed me to our pit. They seemed pretty surprised I knew my name and how many fingers they were holding up.

I was extremely disappointed I had taken the car out of the race, cutting into our other drivers seat time. Then I heard we had been in a 20-something position and so I was disappointed I had screwed up a good standing. Fortunately our paying drivers ended up getting all their seat time in our other car, no one was hurt, and the FX32 seems repairable.

The race was a pretty fun event for us despite this setback. The MRolla like a top the whole race and our paying drivers were able to get plenty of seat time still. We were pretty over the top with theme and costumes and we were awarded Judges Choice.

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A year and a half and that FX32 remains inanimate in my back yard. Still no complaints from my neighbors. We must not be making enough noise. Hopefully that will all change soon.

I'm about 170 more dollars serious about getting this car back on the track.

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Steering arm bent. I have a manual rack and column to replace this with.

These point different directions. Probably want to switch out front suspension.

Another bent thing.

This weekend's junkyard run should remedy rear suspension woes.