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Topic: 3.5mm plug Chatterbox headset needed Buttonwillow (updated - found it)

Updated Thursday AM - found the headset. Or rather a teammate had it. Subversion - I knew it.

See you all down there.


I haven't even left for the track yet and already I'm posting here.

Does someone have a Chatterbox slip-in (into the helmet) headset - the one with the 3.5mm plug on the end (not the older 5 pin plug), that I can borrow for the weekend at Buttonwillow? I cannot find ours and it's how 3 of our 4 drivers use our radio - including me. And I'm the Chief Radio Officer - maybe not any more.

It is possible that I can buy one at the store at the track. But just in case...

We are the Merkur with the red mushrooms on the top. But maybe cell phones might be a more modern way to connect.

Here's what the headset looks like.


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