Topic: U-haul ramp trunk for sale LV,NV

This just showed up for sale at the u-haul near me. I remember reading somewhere in here that these are unobtainable. If anyone is interested, let me know and I can get the details on it.

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Re: U-haul ramp trunk for sale LV,NV

I've always wondered what those would drive like with a car on top. That seems like a hell of a high center of gravity. I know some Jeep guys use them, but...

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Re: U-haul ramp trunk for sale LV,NV

The payload capacity of those trucks is impressive

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Re: U-haul ramp trunk for sale LV,NV

Always wanted one but always thought they were for moving trailers and such, not a car.

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Re: U-haul ramp trunk for sale LV,NV

I saw one of these on the road the other day, service truck doing its thing. The bins, the ramps and still able to pull a trailer. You see the car hauler guys with the gooseneck on F-350/450 and thats got at least a cars weight directly on the truck. This might even have an air compressor which would definitely be useful.

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Re: U-haul ramp trunk for sale LV,NV

That should be able to carry the Wolseley without any trouble, any idea how much?

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Re: U-haul ramp trunk for sale LV,NV

saw one of this beasts in the wild. roaming interstate at 65mph. does not look too difficult to build your own though.
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