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Curious if anyone got footage of my spin late Sunday at Loudon.  Going through the esses before Nascar turn 3 I got poked in the right rear which spun me out.  Not sure if I did something dumb or if I just got screwed? 

Thanks to the heard of cars that were able to avoid t-boning me!

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I was taking video of the new yorker and got audio of your spin out just after you got out of the camera view.

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I was directly behind you (thank you new brakes, you are awesome). I was not the one who tapped you.  I don't recall seeing someone hit you, but I was more focused on the three pedal mafia truck and trying not to lose them than I was on your car.

I had a ustream running, but even though I hit save, it appears to have vanished into the ether. If I can recover it I'll post it.

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we were definitely hit, because the passenger rear quarter panel is bashed in.

Anybody else catch it on camera?

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