Topic: Race on Sunday, buy on Monday . . . Lemons style

Question here for ya'll -

How many of you have started shopping for(or recommended) cars after seeing how well they've done in Lemons?

Thanks to their reputations in these parts, for long-term daily drivers I would look at

- Neons
- Saturns (just add oil regularly)
- GM 3800ed stuff
- Volvo 240s (but I'd look at those already)
- and, of course, the Rambler, just for its style

- but most recently, high-mileage Saab 9-5s (after the story of the '08 Aero Wagon a few days ago).

Now, I would have _never ever_ looked at GM/Chrysler cars were it not for Lemons!

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Re: Race on Sunday, buy on Monday . . . Lemons style

After racing our Saturn and learning the ins and outs of one,  I would DD a beater one in heartbeat.  I can rebuild a motor with barely even looking up the torque spec's.

I bought and refurbished a LeSabre for the ex-wife when she needed transportation to interview for jobs outside the city.  We race a 3800 powered minivan.  I would consider one (more likely a Regal) if I needed a highway cruiser.

After learning the value of the Zetec from multiple Escort racers, helped my renter pick up a ZX3 Focus, manual and now steal it from him at every opportunity.

I also learned to never, ever, ever get Chrylser or Mitsubishi product from Malaise era or after.  We race a 1948 Plymouth.

More than anything, I have learned that my "skill" in diagnosing and repairing red block Volvo's and motorcycles can apply to about anything.  Sure, you have to look up the youtube video to understand how to replace the coolant elbow on a 3800 or read a source other than the Haynes to know how to time a Saturn 1.9L but knowledge is knowledge.  Know the weak points of the car before you buy, repair them and spend many happy years driving them relatively trouble free

Re: Race on Sunday, buy on Monday . . . Lemons style

Ha!  We came up with a theme in a bar and bought a car to fit the theme.

1990 RX7 "Mazdarita" 
1994 Jaguar XJ12 (Winner C-Class 2013 Sears Pointless)
1964 Sunbeam Imp (IOE 2013 Sears Pointless)
1980 Rover SD1 (I Got Screwed 2014 Return of Lemonites) (Sold -> Houston.  Gone and forgotten)

Re: Race on Sunday, buy on Monday . . . Lemons style

I recommend neons to all my friends on the off chance that I can eventually buy parts when they get sick of it.

Re: Race on Sunday, buy on Monday . . . Lemons style

We actually bought our mustang at the end of the summit point race in 2011.  499 obo.  I scrounged and borrowed 493.  Left it at the track.  A friend picked it up and held onto it for a week until we could get it.  Ran it at 24 hour chump race, finished 18/84 with borrowed tires, Turbo coupe front brakes and 8.8 rear.

We still race it.

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