Topic: Rule 3.K.3

(STEERING COLUMN MUST BE AUTO SAFETY TYPE): 3.K.3 Collapsible Safety-Type Steering Columns: All steering
columns must have a collapsing safety collar, dual-offset U-joints, or similar anti-spear safety feature. (These features were
standard on production cars sold in the US from MY '68 on; earlier vehicles, foreign-market vehicles, and non-OE systems
or mounting may require modifications to meet this rule.)

So, my car is 1978, but never heard of that steering column to be equipped for my car.
was is a required standard equipment? or was optional equipment based on manufacturer?
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Re: Rule 3.K.3

If your car was built after '68 for US market, it would be federally required to have this in order to be sold, so you should be fine. Pre-'68 domestic cars and anything not for US markets may need to be adapted to comply.