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On Sunday during the morning session, the Organ Donors and an unknown Miata got into each other at the bus stop (I missed how it happened). While this in and of itself isn't that unique, the Miata driver proceeded to jump out of the car, pop his hood, take a look, and hurry back into cab before tow arrived. I was up in the booth watching with Kia Pet and I think a Hella Shitty crew, and we couldn't figure out if he thought he was on fire or just decided it was a good opportunity to check the oil. Anyone have any insight?

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That is hilarious! (but obviously stupid)
Amazing he did not pull out his cell phone and call AAA

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That was us(Risky Whiskey #920) that got hit. E30 passed someone in the dirt on the straight, didn't get on the pavement again before hitting brakes and sailed into our door at high speed. My brother was at the wheel and he got out because the car started smoking a lot. We had a minor fire on Saturday morning so he was taking no chances. He waited for the yellow flag to be waved before checking.
Still editing our onboard video with the hit. Did anyone else catch it? It was a big one.

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I posted that in the completely wrong thread, as you were.

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