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chdonley2 wrote:

Saturday evening I heard a rumor that Heather the corner worker was hanging out at Spanks Place. I ran right over to meet you so I could introduce myself and thank you personally for what you do for us.
Different Heather.
But I finally did get to meet a corner worker and thank her.
Anyway, via forum, Thanks Heather.
Chuck Donley

Ah yes there's 2 of us now lol. I was at the Fire house with all the safety guys and some of the other corner workers. I'm usually around the TGT guys or Balto if they're running since those are the teams I know, so maybe next year smile

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Re: Flagging at Sonoma

Thanks for the feedback Heather. It's good for us to hear from the workers' perspective on these things. We really do appreciate what you all do for us out there, and know it's not always an easy job. :-)


Re: Flagging at Sonoma

hstreets wrote:

When our new manager took over the crew he was looking into getting headsets for the radios, especially since some customers don't pay for the landline when the rent the track, which means everyone is on radio. The safety guys have the ear pieces at least so they're good, but I think he's had some problems getting the budget for headsets for the corners approved. It's probably not a high priority for the track overall considering all the other things they have to maintain...

Wow.  This is shocking to me.  I don't run on the West coast, but as someone who's raced many times at a *piss-ant track like CMP, even they have headsets and radios for the all corner workers.  Hard to believe with the track rental fees some of these charge that radios and headsets are not in the budget!  I'd wager over half of the Lemons teams have radios and headsets because they aren't really that expensive, and that's saying something since most all of us are on a tight budget.

*compared to other tracks like Watkins Glen, VIR, Barber, Daytona, etc.

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Re: Flagging at Sonoma

I'm going to wildly guess that having the 25 Hours of Thunderhill just up the road that same weekend very strongly taxes the availability and depth of both people and equipment.

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