Topic: NorCal Lemons go karting event

Last year we had a go karting outing for Julian Cordle's 40th birthday.
A good time was had by all and we thought we should do it more often.

So I've struck a deal with GoKartRacer in Burlingame (
to hold a three race event.

Date: Sunday 22nd
Check in by: 7 pm
First race: 7:30 pm
Cost: $70
What do you get: one 5 min practice and three 15 minute races on their Supertrack.
They can accommodate 18 karts on track.
If we get more than 18, they'll split the group across multiple races.

RSVP if you think you'll attend so we can get an idea of numbers.

If it's a success, I'll organize something monthly.

Attendees so far:
Guy Argo
Anton Lovett
Christopher Blizzard
Tim Burr
David Fitz-Randolph
Brandon Powell
Cody Wyoming
Shane Knapp
Joe Nuxoll
Brian Sweeney
James Baldwin
Vincent Parker
Daniel Halenbeck
Neal Losey
Scott Zimmerman
Richard Breazeale
Jason Ross
Evan Silletto
Joe Kirkland
Sabrina McDaniel
Tim Odell

Captain of the Flying Scotsmen (
Raced almost every West coast Lemons since the 2nd Altamont. Sometimes for two teams... wink
Best result: 1st at Miller '14 and a 1-2 finish at Sonoma '15.