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I was wondering if anybody has used DIRECT TALK PTT Walkie Talkie cell phones, to use as track radios?

Re: DIRECT TALK PTT Walkie Talkie

I have seen a few cell phone communications systems. I do know of one PTT system in the past, but I want to say I heard of it a couple years ago.

The teams that use them are pretty happy with them, but there is usually one person who is REALLY into the system, can explain it to you in great detail and will explain how it is the best.

What I find is really critical with a radio system, is having one you can service and will actually use.

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Re: DIRECT TALK PTT Walkie Talkie

I was having the same question. Walkie Talkie seems like the easiest way to communicate in the team, but I didn’t know how it is with the tracking. I guess you have to have someone with you who knows something about that things.