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Topic: Father/Son Joliet 22-23

Hey guys, I'm Tom. Please correct me if I'm posting in the wrong spot or something, I'm new here.

I'm a Marine stationed at Fort Lee, will be transferred to Cali in April. But this isn't about me right now.

Back home in Plainfield, Illinois, is my not-so-internet savvy dad. So I'm looking for a team with a wrench spot open for the 22-23 July race in Joliet. He's old school, we've worked on just about everything. He's got a fully stocked garage w/ a lift, he can machine, weld and fix just about anything. He used to race late-models? at Raceway Park in Calumet. I don't know if he wants to drive, but I doubt it.

So if you got a slot open, let me know.

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although it is such a long ways away (time wise), I'm sure I'll be there with my car (1991 Hyundai Scoupe with/without Turbo)

I'm just up the road in Aurora- always looking for new people, drop me a line via the forum email button and we can chat.

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Hey, thanks for your service!

We are a team based in Wisconsin, when the car is home we have a lift etc, but  at the track another like minded person is always welcome to crew. We have the #16 Tonys pizza wagon
My partner and I are late 50's one of our A+d is a touch older, our forth is usually a 40's something wink
in other words your Dad would prolly be close to us in age wink

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There's "Bad Decisions" racing based in Crete, IL as well. Their team leader may see this posting and reply.

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jimbbski wrote:

There's "Bad Decisions" racing based in Crete, IL as well. Their team leader may see this posting and reply.

Sadly, we are not actively planning to run the Joliet because of the time proximity to the Corvette Museum race.

To the OP, you guys are always welcome to come out play on the (re) build of 1948 Pymouth racecar.  We are going from pretty much stock to really not at all stock in prep for the Fall Gingerman race.  Possibly also for Drag Week.

The Racevan is being prepped for for Gingerman Spring and NCM.  That starts this weekend.

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As for racing at Raceway Park, those were the days!  I helped build a few "mini stock" cars for that venue. Watched many a race as well. It was one wild scene!  Fights in the paddock between crew members! Open drinking in the paddock! No required roll cage in the mini stock class or the "spectator" class. Grab a helmet, any kind of helmet and hop in the car and go race. 

I never did run any races there. Later when I went club road racing SCCA style, the level of safety and knowledge requiremed was a night & day difference! And I was glad for it!  Sadly the track is now a shopping center.