Topic: Lift gates...old one on a new truck

So a wishlist item for my new truck has always been a liftgate but obviously if you are not making money with said truck, a new one makes no sense at all.  A few used ones pop up from time to time but a very nicely priced one that should fit my needs just hit CL.

I have a 2015 F250 and this is off a 2002 F350 and it is a hydraulic unit.  I think the beds did not change though the tailgates and tailgate hardware did.  So...

Any reason it should not fit with potentially modified or replaced mounting kit.
Anything  I need to look for on a unit I cannot test as it is de-mounted from the rustbucket it was once on.
Any experience on what the hydraulic over electric draws...the modern F250 has stock heavy draw lugs but it gets...interested if you did not pay for the upfitter switches.  I can do a direct tap to the battery just curious.