Topic: Running 82 Mercedes Turbo Diesel $350

Ad says 3rd and 4th are slipping.

Basically selling the engine, car runs but 3rd and 4th Gear not engaging, Engine runs well. Can send video of it running. Selling as a parts car. Exterior and Interior need too much work. Mercedes 82' 300sd Engine has 280k miles. Selling as is. Leave Phone # if serious. Car is at mechanics shop.

Multiple ads from same seller so they must need it gone

Diesel Engine for sale setting in 82' 300sd, 3rd and 4th Gear not engaging. Engine runs well. Engine has 280k miles, can arrange removal and installation to another car for cost of approx. $800. Leave contact # if interested.

Re: Running 82 Mercedes Turbo Diesel $350

Just gonna put it out there I know some diesel Mercedes have vacuum operated transmissions. I don't recall if this is one or not but if it is it could be a simple fix as replacing the vacuum line and having this thing up and running

Re: Running 82 Mercedes Turbo Diesel $350

Car's gone, which bodes well for my sanity (just got rid of the shifter kart, leaving only the Honda Super Cub, Guzzi, and 540i needing attention after Inde) but I must dispel the misconception about the transmissions in these. vacuum is used to modulate shifts (make softer)... Remove vac line and plug hose, you get hard shifts. That's the only difference. If it slips in a given gear, it still will after you take vacuum issues out of the equation. Neither my 300TD daily driver or the S500 LeMon have vacuum modulation still in place, btw.

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