Topic: Looking for a 240/260/280 Z donor car

Any of you Datsun horders have an old Z car rusting away in the back 40 you're looking to get rid of?  You keep all the interior bits, engine and drivetrain and suspension components.... I only want the bare body shell with rear hatch, (and all the glass, if the price is right). 

The newest project in my shop involves converting a ragtop into a coupe, and the early Z cars have the PERFECT body lines for this.  For that reason, I'm really only interested in the top of the car, from windshield to the back, so if your heap is rotted away from the door handles down, I'm your guy to take this off your hands. 

Prefer no T-tops, no sunroof, and no 2+2.... and within a 2 hour drive of Chicago.  Lemme know what you got and what you're asking for $$.


DBesic at aol dot com

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