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Looking to have the Tech crew preview/cirtique a fuel cell install.  After last year's experience at BFE/HPR with our 1975 2002, we are heeding their advice and looking to install a fuel cell in our 1972 2002 (oh yes we did, 2002 v2).  Plus, the "new" 2002 OEM tank looks like it would fall out if the car rolls onto it's roof given the rusted fasteners.  So fuel cell install, here we go.....

The cell we are looking at (sorry you will have to cut and paste, my first post and not allowed to post links):

Plumbing would look like:
- -8AN elbow from fuel cell to stainless steel braided tubing.
- SS tubing to AN barbed fitting to rubber gas line (RGL)
- RGL to electric fuel pump.
- fuel pump to RGL, passes through trunk floor
- RGL to double flared hard line
- hard line to engine compartment to fuel filter
- fuel filter to RGL
- RGL to fuel injector rail
- similar method for return line

Part of the trunk floor would be removed to accommodate a square tube cage.  The cage would encapsulate fuel cell.

Also, for the return line, we would drill and install AN fitting in the silver access plate.

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zzfiscus wrote:

Part of the trunk floor would be removed to accommodate a square tube cage.  The cage would encapsulate fuel cell.

Just be sure to NOT tie the fuel cell cage to the roll cage -- it must be an independent structure.

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Re: fuel cell install for a 72 2002

Yes, I did read that in the rules.  The roll cage does not enter the trunk.  We are looking at using wheel wells as part of the anchor for the fuel cell cage.

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I just put a fuel cell in our 1981 Chrysler, so a lot of this stuff is still fresh in my head.

Questions and comments:

- I know it's difficult to find a cell with a fill plate that have three fittings (supply, return and vent) but they are out there. Those filler plates are a lot smaller than you think, and the existing hardware already takes up a lot of valuable real estate. Don't be alarmed if you have to drill through your top cover / plate and plastic bladder to install a return line.

- You will need to add foam to the fuel cell you linked. This will add ~$100 to the cost of your cell.

- Almost all of these cell are setup for left-turning dirt tracks. The fuel pickup is almost always located in the right rear of the cell. Even with the pickup moved to the center of the cell, you will starve the pickup with as much as 1/3 tank capacity still remaining in the tank. I would tell you what the best way to solve this problem is, but there are easier things to discuss online... like politics and religion. ;-)

- You are hopefully aware that all of these cells are not FIA certified and will require a full metal firewall between them and the driver's compartment. In your 2002, I assume this isn't a problem and is already understood.

- I used 3/4" angle iron to make my fuel cell cage, and it's more than strong enough. My cell is bolted directly to the floor in the trunk (yay land yachts!) but I could have easily dropped it a few inches down with a hole in the floor.

- Jay and Pagel are REALLY strict about rear impact protection of your cell. If the bottom of the cell is even remotely close to the bottom of the OEM bumper, use some leftover roll bar tubing to add additional crash protection. In fact, your 2002 might not have the 1975 mandated 5 mph bumpers... you should do this regardless. ;-)

For my application, I found that the JAZ cells were the best bang for the buck. They had all three fittings we needed and came with the required foam. One nice thing about the 22 gallon cell is that Holley makes a hydramat that perfectly fits the entire base footprint of the cell. I'll warn you ahead of time, it's expensive, but it should eliminate all chances of starvation if the mat does what Holley promises it will do.

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The hydramat works, almost too well. You'll go from having fuel to empty, game over. You also don't need one that spans the width of the cell, I use one of the smaller "X" shaped ones. With the fuel sloshing around, it'll get it all. A hydramat would really benefit from a surge tank with a low fuel level switch, but the powers that be won't allow a surge (I think). Plan on a conservative fuel window until you see how much fuel you're burning if you use one, because there will be no sputtering to warn you that you're getting low.

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If you buy the jazz jet it with the safety sticker  for a added $50 that way if you go to other groups the will let you run it.
I am do the same upgrade to my Beetle. below is a nice fuel float to add to the tank others are using it and works well.

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For the tank frame just look at other race groups and build it with some support . Think if you where in side the small box with 16 GAL of fuel = 160 sticks of dynamite how strong would you like it to be??
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