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Topic: '79 Datsun 280zx - Race Ready - Need to move - $1500

I have for sale an 'almost race ready', 1979 280zx.

Almost race ready because it needs a seat and harness.  Otherwise it will pass tech and HAS passed tech and raced several times.

Engine is stock w/ a cold air intake.  Its a manual 5-speed tranny.  91k showing on the odometer.  New clutch. New brakes( slotted/crossdrilled racing rotors and pads ). New tires. New brake master cylinder, New radiator,

We bought a cage from Roll Cage Components and paid a pro to weld it up.  That was about 2k for the cage work. 

Lowered it 3" to help with handling.

Its a B class car and does pretty good in the field.

What needs fixing:
Last race one of the drivers had a small collision, so the front bumper has a slight bend.  There is no structural damage, only cosmetic.  Shes been sitting for a few months so most likely needs a tune up, maybe even a battery charge - but besides that is a great little car.

I need to move this car asap, so first 2k cash will take her.  You pick up.  I'm in Lawndale, CA.

email me at:   sinisterindustries [at] yahoo.com



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Price reduction to $1500!!!

Have to have this out of my garage in the next week.

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Is this car still available?
Thanks Jack 408 510-1934

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I'm interested.  Have Cash in hand.. Let me know.. 805-264-7705