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Topic: 4 wheels 17x7 4x100 or 4x114

I've got 4 wheels with used up tires on them.  They are black Enkie EDR9 wheels.  They are 17x7 with the 4 lug universal setup.  They will fit 4x100 and 4x114.  The offset is 45mm.  We have 225 45 r17 tires mounted on them and the fit is great..

We've got a low torque engine so we are trying a smaller, lighter wheel/tire setup.  So we don't need these big shoes anymore.  These are tough, high quality wheels from an OEM manufacturer.  They are in one of the most popular sizes.  The selection of 200 treadwear tires for these wheels is as good as it gets.

We'd like $200 for the set.  You take the tires too.  I'll post some pics shortly.

They are in Berkeley.  We might bring them to Sears Pointless to help the sale.

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Any chance you'd be willing to ship these to Houston, TX?   How much?

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I don't know much about shipping heavy bulky things.  I'm gonna say no for now.