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jimbbski wrote:

I have mine attached to the "B" pillar on the pass. side as far away from the kill switch as possible. I can't reach it while strapped in but I still keep a hand held within arms reach. The fire system is for the worker to activate or myself once I get out of the car.

This exactly the opposite of how I would do it.  The on-board is there to keep the fire away from your nads long enough to stop the car.  The handheld is for trying to protect your "investment" once you are out of the car.


Re: Onboard Fire Suppression System

rmcdaniels wrote:

That is actually how I pictured it in my head, like in the movies when someone puts an entire box of soap in a washing machine.

Many years ago and this is well past the "statute of limitations" I worked at a small (By todays standards) grocery store located in a shopping mall. This mall was one of the "open style" that was popular in some parts of the country for a time. Well one of my fellow employees suggested that we dump some detergent into the water feature located in front of the Sears store at the other end of the mall. Since we had the material handy as we did work in a grocery store it was a no brainer. We were all of the teenage time in our lives so it didn't take much to convince us that this was a good idea. So late one Sat. night after we finished work (You see we worked late and sometimes all night at the store stocking the shelves for Sat. shoppers.)  we hauled a whole case of liquid detergent through the mall and dumped in into the fountain.

What we didn't do was turn on the fountain at that time, which would have resulted in what is pictured in an earlier post. What did happen was they turned on the fountain in the morning and then quickly shut it off and drained it.

Re: Onboard Fire Suppression System

chdonley2 wrote:

I installed a 4.0 Liter Fire Sense Suppression System in the Avanti before it's first race last year. Mainly because fiberglass body and stuff. The whole damn car could burn down around us if it a  fire ever got started.
Anyway, if you get this system be advised that when you pull the satety pin prior to going on the track be careful when you replace it when done racing.
DON'T do what I did and align the holes in the two parts of the squeeze handle when you replace the safety pin. After our first race day that's what I did, and that caused to bottle to start releasing it's charge slowly. Some of the liquid leaked out of the bottle thru the nozzles and collected on the floorboard before I noticed something was amiss.
I probably neglected to read the directions completely or notice how the pin was originally installed . Sometimes I do that.
Had to recharge the bottle 'cause the pressure gauge was out of the green and it was missing some AFFF juice.

wink Been there, done that. Squirted one of my teammates in the face.. he was not amused.

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