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Topic: Get your ass in a LUV!!!!!!!!!!!!! - West Oakland Bay area team

As happens in Lemons, my team fell apart - retirements, jobs.... etc.
Experienced Lemons team now looking for some new team members.

2 cars -
1: Chevy luv 4cyl - easy, dependable, fun to drive, won class C - Could win class B with good drivers and right program.
- Very little is needed to keep this truck on the track. Brakes, tires, a little maintenance and it runs every race without much issue
- Will run 3.5-4 hour stints without re-fuel
- 19 races on same motor, runs great

- Slow in straights, mediocre brakes, but will turn a 2:04 / 2:06 at sonoma when driven hard... pass everyone in the turns!
2: New chevy luv in process of being built. Other one was crashed at Sonoma, and frame and cage bent.
- Building it cheaty as hell
- 4.3 V6, 5 speed - with another engine option planned as well
- brake and suspension upgrades in the works.
- Prior truck class C winner with 4.3, then ran a bunch of races within striking distance of B win (top 10 overall a few times)

Plan is to run 5 mile thunderhill with 4 cyl truck - and build the new truck over the course of 1-2 Saturdays a month until Buttonwillow in October. Then run both trucks in all CA races, and maybe some others

Looking for team members who can wrench, want to learn and are really good people.... not arrive and drives. I want a commitment to help build, and race, and crew, and tow, etc. I'll shoulder the bulk of build costs for new truck, but expendables and fees are split amongst drivers.
If you have raced Lemons, you know me - you know the trucks... If not, now is your chance to possibly join a seasoned team and have some fun.
If interested, introduce yourself to me via email first - geoff@alloymotors.com - then we will meet and you can check out the shop, trucks, etc.