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I posted this on FB earlier and thought it might be of interest here.

"Every race team has a story, and every race is a story. After each race I write ours down for future reference and to share with team members and friends who could not be at the race. Here's our story from Sears Pointless 2017.

Link: … 170327.pdf

These write-ups started out as emails to the team reviewing what we broke and what we had to do to get ready for our next race. That evolved into a summary of what happened at the race, and eventually those became full-blown write-ups. I might sound silly, doing this, but I think it did a lot to get the team to gel. In a way it's a small payback for having raced with me.

I've been doing this since we started racing in 2010 so now I have a pretty good collection of these kinds of stories. Recently I've been going through them, re-editing and condensing them, and will see about producing an Amazon book. I figure our team and maybe a few friends will be the only one's interested in it, which is fine, but I figure it might inspire a few teams to at least keep a journal. While putting together "How On Fire Are We?" one team mentioned how many cool racing stories their uncle, now deceased, would tell and they regretted not writing them down. When I look back at our own story I can see a history of similar problems, pure luck, memorable and forgettable stuff, and laughable stuff like race after race thinking we had brought our best car yet, and at the next race thinking that was our best car, and again at the next race... Such naive enthusiasm, race after race.


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That's an awesome writeup. Wish we weren't such busy (lazy?) SOBs and did something like this for our races. Too bad about the 'splodin engine plot twist.

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Awesome write up!

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