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I am in the market for a 5 point harness for the Cavalier. I have been looking around and it seems they make a harness that has 2" shoulder straps and is called HANS compatible. Will the older 3" shoulder belts not work with HANS? Anything else I should be looking for? I know I want a cam lock but other than that, aren't all belts similar? Recommendations?

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3" belts work with or without a HANS

2" belts should only be used with a HANS

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Re: HANS compatible harness

I suggest getting a harness with FIA certification, especially if planning to race in NJ.
FIA is good for 5 years, SFI for only 2 .
They are usually a bit more expensive, but only $30-50 more.

I purchased a 5 point for $180, FIA certified at SafeRacer, Racequip.

I just looked and they have them right now for $200, but only the 6 point....

but $195 for 5 point here

but look around the internet....might find a better deal....make sure the FIA is good through 2022....

Usually the FIA certified belts also come with SFI certification, but the 5 year FIA certification "Trumps" the SFI....

Good luck!

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Re: HANS compatible harness

piper.gras wrote:

3" belts work with or without a HANS

2" belts should only be used with a HANS

And since we all need a Hans now, I didn't bother with the 3" or the Dog bones.

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