Topic: Hood scoops made of steel?

If I were to rivet on a hood scoop made of, well, steel that used to be a hood, is that kosher enough? I'm not talking Pro Stock, just enough to do some foolish ram air silliness. Kinda like an "SC/Rambler" AMC...

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Re: Hood scoops made of steel?

As long as Jay can't rip it off with his bare hands, I don't see why not. Lotsa people weld/rivet all kinds of scoopy contraptions to their cars.

I recommend a "shaker" scoop. Especially on a transverse engine.

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Re: Hood scoops made of steel?

I've got my "scoop" held down with 4 bolts.

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Re: Hood scoops made of steel?

Totally kosher as long as physically secure.  When we were running the Fiat I cut one end off a lasagna pan and riveted it around the edges to the hood for that purpose.

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Re: Hood scoops made of steel?

Something to keep in mind. Unless the hood scoop is connected directly to the intake and nothing else, it's probably going to negatively affect your cooling. If the scoop dumps into the engine compartment, it's going to raise the air pressure behind the radiator, reducing the airflow through the rad. Much better especially with our crappy mega-mileage engines is to vent air out the hood. Louvers, vents, backward facing scoops - mounted in areas where there is negative pressure on the top of the hood (yarn testing!). Lowers the pressure in the engine compartment behind the rad, dumps out heat and even improves downforce by lowering underhood pressure.

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