Topic: Looking for 3 drivers for CMP April 29-30

Looking for 3 drivers that can turn a wrench for the CMP on April 29-30. The 3 guys who were with me back out due got married, getting married and had a baby. The car is a 1999 ford contour with a NO MA’AM theme ( So you know its crap already). This the first race for the car and what is left of the team. The cost 600.00 it covers entry fee you, the car, gas, brakes, tires and hans device . Not Covered is your Lemons license, your race suit, food, drinks, and a place to sleep like a tent or camper (if you do have a camper you will receive bonus points may get a discount) I have paid for overnight camping. If you do want bring extra stuff like gas (93), food, drinks I will have a grill, cooler and a 10lb fire extinguisher (that is Needed). This was a 4 man team to ensure everyone had equal time behind the wheel.

The team is based in Sumter, S.C which an hour from CMP. If you are interested txt or call me 803-840-8742.

Re: Looking for 3 drivers for CMP April 29-30

If your team has extra drivers and want some more drive time let me know and we can work something out.

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Re: Looking for 3 drivers for CMP April 29-30

I got 1 driver need 2 more.