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Topic: Wanted: turn-key car near Detroit.

A few buddies and I have been reading about Lemons and it sounds like fun.  (Actually we just drink beer and watch all the youtube videos, but reading sounds more intelligent)  We decided to put a team together so we need a car. 

It MUST be
-Turn key condition
-reasonably close to Detroit
-manual trans
-easy to get parts for

Yes, we have very high standards. smile

Please let me know if you have something that meets those criteria.

Re: Wanted: turn-key car near Detroit.

how about I ship you a 1997 Honda Accord built like a prelude!

http://www.racingjunk.com/24-Hours-of-L … s-Car.html

100% ready to go even with brand new set of spare tires as well.


Re: Wanted: turn-key car near Detroit.

Hi  Rookie Driver,
I think we have exactly what you are looking for.

2002 Ford Focus Zetec Manual with new Stage 3 clutch fitted. - turn key ready to race

Turn key condition
-reasonably close to Detroit - Yes Milford
-manual trans - yes new clutch
-easy to get parts for.....yes it's a Focus with custom paint and graphics

2016 Season prize winning car.

Give me a call 248-821-7878 Milford Michigan


Re: Wanted: turn-key car near Detroit.

I have a 90 Lexus ES 250
Turn key condition  =  Will be racing at Gingerman in April.  we have  a driver spot available for potential buyers....
-reasonably close to Detroit  =  Ann Arbor
-manual trans  =  yes and a spare, 1 race on new clutch
-easy to get parts for   =  it is a lexus badged Toyota Camry...
-reliable  =   Toyota
-reliable  =   3mz-fe with Acusump oil resivoir
-reliable  =   lots of new suspension parts

Re: Wanted: turn-key car near Detroit.

I have a 2002 Jaguar X-Type built by Ford.  We are going to do our second race with it in May, so I will be able to confirm reliability then.  In it's first race it finished, but we were out for an hour with a broken dash.  Other than that no issues and expect the same for May. 
New H&R springs in all 4 corners
Passed 2016 tech and I expect it to pass 2017 tech
New adjustable rear control arms
I can deliver to Detroit in July.
100% race ready car


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00 Firebird, 02 X-Type, 93 NX2000, 00 Mazda 626 (Sold)
2016 NJMP Heroic Fix, 2017 NJMP Near Heroic Fix except we can't drive

Re: Wanted: turn-key car near Detroit.

We can bring the car to the Mid-Ohio track the weekend of October 20-22 or Summit Point September 15-17.

Bonus: We'll complete the transaction, you bring helmets & you can put it on track and do laps during open practice on Friday at either of these 2 events.

Here ya go: http://forums.24hoursoflemons.com/viewt … p?id=34627