Topic: FREE: Brand new TPS 4073 - late 90s/early 00s Mitsubishi TPS Sender

I have a TPS sender, brand new, that I bought to help fix a friend's Mirage and for some reason we didn't need it but couldn't return it. If you could use it for your Lemons car or your DD, I'd rather have it in your garage than sitting in my office. They might go for $99 from autozone but apparently they are being blown out on eBay for $10 shipped so it's not worth me selling it.

ROCKAUTO.COM says it will fit the following cars but check first (don't be a hoarder).
MITSUBISHI    ECLIPSE    1998-1999
MITSUBISHI    MIRAGE    1997-2002

Email me using this system with your address and I'll ship it on my dime within the US (first class mail). If it arrives damaged or doesn't arrive at all, sorry, no refunds.

My only request is that you are someone who has been on this forum for >1yr or has 50+ messages so if you are some noob who just created an acct to score some free shit, you're SOL.


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