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OK, this is much more difficult than expected. I have removed the airbag and steering wheel from the Cavalier and would like a removable steering wheel as the car is a sedan and that would make it easier to get in and out. However, I have reached out to Grant, Speedway, Jegs and one other, I forget which one, and asked them what quick release I need. I'd like splined and the version that has the release that is a circle all the way around rather than the pin. They all replied that they don't make quick releases for my car.

So my question is, can I really not add a quick release to a 2002 Chevy Cavalier? Am I missing something? Is there more to this (such as I need to switch part of the steering column?

Help please.


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You would need to use one of the weld-on hubs.  The hub/adapter is welded onto your steering shaft.  You just need to figure out which size you need. … fgodcRQOgQ

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Re: Steering wheel quick release


You need a short hub and indexed quick-release.  I would just contact NRG innovations directly.  They likely know exactly what the shaft style is and either have it off the rack and can tell you exactly what you need to order from them, or they can custom drill one from a known pattern.  You might pay $100 more than a weld on, but it's budget exempt and you will save some time and error, and the wheel will return to zero perfectly with no slop or play.



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Re: Steering wheel quick release

They're probably telling you that they don't have a bolt-on solution.

Virtually anything can fit anything else, given enough modification!

Most of us just buy our preferred quick-release, cut the steering column, and weld the splined part onto the end.

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Re: Steering wheel quick release

Completely possible, but you need to put in the work to figure out what you need.

Biggest thing, you need to know what spline your car uses. Pull the steering wheel, count the number of splines, and measure the diameter. If you're lucky it will be a common spline and you can simply buy a bolt on solution. If it is uncommon you will either need a weld on, or custom one made.

I went down the rabbit hole for the Saab, which uses a weird 48 spline that happens to be the same as old land rovers. I found one company that makes the standard splined hub for a 48 spline and bought that along with a standard spline quick release from someone like Jegs. I had to turn the hub down about .002" to make it fit the quick release right, but I have a fully functioning system now (If I ever remember to install it for real)

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Re: Steering wheel quick release

Second the weld-on, we hit up Speedway for the collar-type quick release and were impressed by the quality machining. Our OEM wheel was affixed with a large hex-wrench bolt, so we cut the threads off, welded them to a long shank hex-hed bolt, and ran that through the center of the weld-in quick release shaft (also hex-shaped). That allowed us to thread it into the OEM socket to give us some holding force and alignment to weld it permanently. You should be able to do something similar.
How is your steering wheel affixed?

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There are a few kinds of weld on hubs . Just go weld on its a race car right.
But for the fit and alignment you have a few to pick from. The cheap ones the wheel will wiggle while you are driving most of my drivers hate that. and then there are some that go on only one way this keep the steering wheel lined up every time.
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Re: Steering wheel quick release

I bought this one specifically because people commented about no slop in the splines. I found this to be true as well.

The only downside is that it's not keyed on way. IMO, this is good because then you don't have to be perfect on the alignment of the base, you just need to have it welded securely on.

I have a welder but just brought the column+QR base into a shop so a pro could do it for me (it's the steering wheel after all)
Once I reinstalled it, I painted the spline that made the wheel mount in the proper alignment red so when I need to pull off the wheel, I can do so and reinstall it without too much drama.

The cheapest solution would be to find a 3bolt wheel you like but if your chosen wheel is a 6 hub bolt pattern, here's the adapter I bought to make the conversion. It's VERY solid. … B00CC2UJP0

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