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I know it may be a little premature, but I'm going to throw this out early:

Road Atlanta is on the bucket list of tracks I'd like to drive.  I'd prefer a Class A car, but if Class B is all there is, so be it!  Class C would just make me cry big baby tears!
Something about me:
I like long walks on the beach and puppies!  I cried watching Marley & Me and I'm a Libra!
Seriously:  I race with Tetanus Racing.  We race clean and we're usually fairly competitive.  I drive fast, but I'm not a car killer.
                  I've had some professional training and I've raced Lemons and WRL for several years.

                  I'm not the best wrench in the world, but I can turn them.  I'm not afraid of getting dirty.  I could probably build a M20B25
                  blindfolded.  I prefer a car that runs all weekend, but sh*t happens- I know!

Keep me in mind if you have that one seat that needs filling!

Oh and I'm not a huge drinker, so your beer won't keep mysteriously disappearing all weekend!  But I will put a hurt on your coffee supplies!

C & B

Tetanus Racing Toxoid!
86 E30  It ain't cheatin' if it's junk!
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Re: Kim Harmon Scrotium

I have been looking for a spot as well, so if someone wants a broke wrencher with experience doing quick, questionable work (currently doing Hemmings Great Race in the lowest budget car present by about $5000, and doing great in my division) on 1960's fords or anything else that doesn't ECU, count me in as well.

Racing cars is for rookies. Racing crapcans takes balls.