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We didn't die!

The team and our slowly self-diassembling Dustbuster gave us our statistically best race ever...details are boring but we met or beat every metric except fastest lap since we started racing the Saturn back in 1910.  We ran a great race and got beat by a faster car that could run the same stints...not because we messed up or GM cost-cutting bit us in the butt.

Four things contributed to this:

Well sorted team with fast'ish pit stops (dedicated fueler, outgoing and income drivers do nothing but swap HNR)
Long'ish stint length (can probably stretch to 4 hours in the future)
No "real" black flags
Well sorted veteran vehicle with the Buick 3800 that burned exactly 0 centiliters of oil all weekend.

Aside from just the generally amazing atmosphere of any Lemons race we had the joy of partially hosting a couple of newbies and an impromptu "big feed" when we made too much and Soggy brought stuff from home.  One newbie rode down and back with me listening to harrowing tales of woe and used a portion of my gear to get a taste of Lemons cheap (I played crew chief and Team Mom only that weekend) while the other crashed with me the first night and got to do the traditional Thursday night roving paddock party with the "Usual Suspect".

We also had a guest driver for a stint when "Wild Bill" never got to drive the Priority Fail VW before Nathan broke it.  He set our fastest lap and seemed to enjoy it.  we plan to collect on the debt next time they are out of contention and one of my hot-shoes needs a taste of real speed.

Finally, I got the ultimate compliment not once but three times over the weekend.  Three different teams stopped me to compliment how well our drivers gave room while still running their race.  All the team learned long ago we do not win or lose the lap in a single turn and we certainly do not win the race in the single lap.  That said, it is great to have other s actively notice and go out of their way to comment on it.

As always, great time and amazing seeing all the old familiar and new to me faces.

See you at NCM!

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Thank's for letting our rookie crash in your trailer Thursday night and the hospitality throughout the weekend Mike!

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Dozen time loser. You'd think I'd know better by now.

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Yes, thank you for letting me crash in your trailer and the excellent homebrew! Looking forward to next time.