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A lot happened at this race.

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Wow.  It sounds a lot more noble when you word our Lemons racing history that way!  I remember a lot of "We're gonna do it this year", then "What is that sound?", and finally "NOT AGAIN!!!"

This was a great race for us.  The speeds were higher than normal, and tire wear nearly cost us the win (again...)  However, the rain on Sunday saved us.  Thanks to the other teams for the congratulations, the driving on the track was incredibly good by everyone, and thanks to the staff and corner workers of CMP for another great race.  We will be back in September hopefully to find another way to pluck defeat from the jaws of victory.

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Unfortunately, charging an EV at CMP is just not a realistic possibility. Barber, maybe, but pit-in is at the top of a hill we can't scale with a weak pack. (which is why I stopped and waited for a tow.) So, we have an even worse idea for CMP in the fall. This level of stupid deserves a second IOE, if it works. And yes, Phil, bring your gear; you will be put in this thing. (again, assuming it works)

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