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Topic: 89 Wag O Van $3954.00

1989 Civic Wag O Van  Ready to race

Raced twice in 2017 - fuel pickup issue at Barber, no mechanical issues the last race.
Completely legal for this season.

Competed nationwide since 2008.
Top Class Winner
Top 10 finisher
Includes spare gearboxes, axles, old tires, radiator and more.
15" wheels currently on car

22 gallon fuel cell allows for 4 hour stints
Si gearbox currently in car

Fun, little car with lots of potential

***********Delivery assistance possible*****

****May Trade seat time at out of region tracks to reduce cost of car***

Interesting trades, offers, and negotiations considered.  RHD classic Mini??, pedal cars...

16' trailer available as well

Does not include decorations or current hood

Email at DSBlemon@gmail.com

If you're associated with Tetanus racing, please don't contact me.

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Re: 89 Wag O Van $3954.00

Which class does it run in? I may be in the market for a second car for MSR in November - do you have any pics? I'm having trouble putting my finger on this racecar ...


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Re: 89 Wag O Van $3954.00

Does the car come with up-to-date vaccinations?

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Re: 89 Wag O Van $3954.00

Hey - is that one of the ex-Chris Overzet Waggys?  I'd heard that one of them went out of Cali when he rotated them out?

Re: 89 Wag O Van $3954.00

It's been in B recently, but has been in Class A as well.


There's pictures of it everywhere - the #16 or 116 with the Tropical theme - has the flamingo on the surfboard up top.

Not one of Chris's Waggy's, but I did race it at Sonoma a couple of times, and gave him a Wagovan I used for a commuter car for a while - the white one.

I've raced it at Eagles Canyon, MSR Houston, No Problem Raceway, Barber, and Sonoma.

Vaccinations would be extra..

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Re: 89 Wag O Van $3954.00





Re: 89 Wag O Van $3954.00

Tempting ... let me talk to my extended team. Thanks for the pics!

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Re: 89 Wag O Van $3954.00

Can't tell if the tetanus comment is a joke or not.

Re: 89 Wag O Van $3954.00

Not a joke.

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