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Topic: 2000 RAV4 anyone? Sacramento $100 sold

I have a dented up 2000 rav4 that I decided not to fix and just sold the engine,
so I have a shell that will likely go to the crusher, who'll give me $75 for it, so if you might
want something different..   I will likely just remove the front suspension and might put it in my pinto Lemons car,
since it has 12inch disk brakes and 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern, remove some doors and the rear door.   But thought I'd throw it out there.

If you buy it I will give you my 'great' idea for a theme with it, one nobody has done before and would never think of doing,
yet totally cool...  smile smile

well I sold it for $250, and he let me keep the front suspension, so pinto gets free 12in brakes, as I bought it for $200, sold engine for $300, and rest for $250.