Topic: Just bought a $300 Miata

I just purchased a 94 Miata that was not running due to the crank bolt falling out and a dead battery.  I would like to have it caged and make it a Lemons car. How much BS should I expect?  I have the craigslist add to show the $300 purchase and the DMV registration  ( it passed smog here in the republic of California---)  I have been in one race with a BMW and had a great time.  But want a lighter more reliable car.

Re: Just bought a $300 Miata

Miata-Fan wrote:

How much BS should I expect?

All of it........All the BS the judges can muster.......

....but don't let that stop you from coming out and racing......

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Re: Just bought a $300 Miata

I found the posting in SF guy just wanted it out of his driveway!  $300 tow it away please...    3 hours later at home I had it running and passed smog the next day and paid $160 to DMV and been driving it to work!

Re: Just bought a $300 Miata

Keep it stock(ish) and the judges will not hassle you more than anyone else.
Concentrate on durability, brakes, and cheap, but good handling.
Leave the power adders for another year.

At this point, I'd leave it street-legal, unless you have significant storage space.
Having a race car sitting in your driveway kinda sucks.
Having a street car, that races, sitting in your driveway isn't so bad.

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Re: Just bought a $300 Miata

SWEET!   Great deal,  you still have $200 left to buy go-faster-parts!