Topic: EPIC ride at NCM, last minute driver openings!

Want to race something TOTALLY unique at the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park July 8-9? We've had a couple of drivers back out due to unforeseen financial/family obligations. As we are keeping the actual build a closely guarded secret, it's far more difficult to recruit paying drivers. Suffice it to say, it WILL be epic, it WILL go viral, and you WILL have fun. You will need to be an experienced racer (no novices on this one, sorry), have a grand of disposable income (less if you are local enough to help us finish the build these next two weeks), and convince me you can be trusted to keep the secret until the debut. This has become a costly build (in both time and dollars), and we don't want all of our hard work destroyed by one aggressive driver, so you will need to understand that our goal is to run cleanly and finish intact, not to set fast lap or win the race.

If you are interested, please message me, or email me at speedycop at gmail dot com. We only have 5 days before the database closes, so unless you are already a registered driver for the #24HoursofLeMons race at NCM, your window is closing rapidly. If I announced our build here now, I'd fill the spots with enthusiasts of a certain marque in no time, but we're going to stick with the plan and wait for the reveal. This is one of those builds that will cause serious double takes and frantic camera-grabbing. Trust me, you don't want to miss out...

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Re: EPIC ride at NCM, last minute driver openings!

Looking forward to seeing your latest creation!

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Re: EPIC ride at NCM, last minute driver openings!

I know what this one is. Finally!!!
Good Luck, Jeff. I've no doubt it'll be EPIC!!.

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Re: EPIC ride at NCM, last minute driver openings!

Come find the Dustbuster...none of my guy will sign up, but since we are running one long stint per driver, 3 might be interested at the track.