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Looking for 1-3 drivers, experience not necessary.  This will be my 4th (5th?)  year running the same car in the east coast races.  I have a rotating band of drivers who for some reason have gone missing for the Thompson race in August.  The car is a 1974 2002, though only the sheet metal is 40 years old at this point.  It isn't the fastest car on the track, probably in the top third though. 

I live in Brooklyn, the car is in my shop up rural CT (near Danbury) which I share with 2 other Lemons teams.  As a reference, it takes me about two hours to get there.

Wrenching experience not necessary, but ideally you know what a torque wrench is and can (and are willing) to take direction.  I am not a mechanic by trade, I have learned 90% of what I know since I started this team so I am open to anyone willing to learn.  If you are an expert mechanic, I am absolutely willing to hand over the title of crew chief to you and learn from you.  Same goes for driving abilities.  I am not the fastest on the track, but I bring the car back in one piece so others can get a drive.  That is all I expect from a teammate.  And when the car comes in broken, we all scramble to fix it, whether you've had your drive(s) for the day or not.

I am really looking for someone who is interested in joining the team, not just a single race (though if that is what happens, its cool).  If you are serious you can easily secure a spot for future races.  I am limiting the drivers to 4 so we get maximum drive time.

Note: Discount for anyone who can bring a tow vehicle.   

Send me an email if you are interested for more detail and costs etc.

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I'm a retired late model driver looking to get back in car stafford,Thompson,Waterford, riverside
Have great mechanical background as well as driver can bring crew and money for expenses
Tom garrity

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Your deathtrap sounds like fun. I am located in NJ and looking to drive in races in the northeast/mid Atlantic areas.
I am experienced but slow Spec E30 racer with NASA/SCCA licenses.  I have about 9 Lemons races under my belt with the Flying Scotsman team in San Francisco but I am back on the East Coast now.  I am not the fastest, but  I am reasonably consistent and try to make sure the car will make it to the next driver.
Wrenching ability: mediocre: When I put things back together there are rarely important looking parts left over. I am slightly better with BMWs than other brands.  I do have a Ford f-150 that can tow light cars and haul crap when needed. 
Willing to wrench on cars and putter around the garage when needed, but have a ball-n-chain and a new baby limits my free time. 
feel free to text me 650-549-4044

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I have experience driving from street stocks (rookie of the year 1991, champion 1992) to late model (a few wins), to prostock (one win), to dirt modified(Most fun I have ever had behind a wheel) all up here in NH. Hung up my helmet to start a family and career, ran a few prostock races through the 2000s but nothing full time, just filled in for friends. I ran my own Lemons car in 2014 in NH until the fuel rail came loose and spilled gas all over a hot motor...............well I think you can figure that one out smile ran consistent laps around 1:30+s. was invited to run another car at Thompson, and NHIS in 2015, and again in NHIS in 2016 although I have spent many hours with that team working hard and having fun, they sadly they will not make Thompson this year. I have slowly been rebuilding my charred ride and will also not be done for Thompson but will re debut at NHIS.
I Chief a Modified team on a weekly basis at Monadnock Speedway, and crew with the same team on a tour Modified every other week at Claremont Speedway.
I take care of equipment and respect others on the track as in Lemons your really not racing the guy in front of you, beside you, or the car spun in the grass, your racing time.:)

let me know what you think

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Hey, I'm interested getting involved.  I'm in brooklyn, have some wench skills, have done a couple motor swaps, have a truck, lots of body and paint experience as well as composite fabrication... totally new lemon curious, could help in anyway.  would like to meet/hear more about it.

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Hello. My name is Joseph Ojea, and I'm just getting on here and learning about Lemons.. I'm looking to get my SCCA licens in the beginning of next year. I'm trying to get my racing career underway, and I'm starting with that. However I'm ready to get something rolling.. I see you're looking for a driver. I am your man... I'm from Louisiana, but I drive 18 wheelers and travel a lot, so distance is no big deal for me. I'm looking for someone who can show me the ropes and teach me what I need to know.. I see a lot of comments saying "I'm not the fastest, but I can get it back in one piece " well, I'm a little in lack of experience, but I'm confident. I'm very keen behind the wheel, and I will be the fastest.. I want to have fun of course, but I want to win too.. all I'm looking for is a shot.. you'll be happy if you give it to me. 225-614-4470 I have text. Please let me know what's up. - Joseph Ojea

P.s. I have a wrench man that was in the military, and knows very minimal.. but he's my right hand. And he's willing to follow directions and learn. His name is Michael Antonio Kelson.

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Are you headed up to Louden in October?  If so hit me up!

I'll drive n wrench, my car won't be ready till next season  Franco Cianfaglione