Topic: Discount OEM parts for Honda and Mazda racers?

I heard that Honda and Mazda have programs that offer parts for sale very cheaply, directly from them, manufacturer to people who race, as long as you do 2 events per year.
Anyone ever take advantage of this? Is it worth it, relative to RockAuto, etc., parts over the internet?

I found the offer for Honda: … -login.asp … ements.pdf

but could not find the offer from Mazda

I am not sure if other manufacturers have the same offer....?

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Re: Discount OEM parts for Honda and Mazda racers?

Here's the link for the Mazda program - … embership/

Requirements for membership.

1. Be a legal resident of either the United States, Canada or Mexico
2. Have a valid membership with a sanctioning body/organization approved by Mazda such as the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) or the National Auto Sport Association (NASA) if you desire to compete (e.g., Track Day members do not need a membership)
3. Either be building a Mazda for competition or have competed in one sanctioned event approved by Mazda within the last 12 months

I got in because I do track days in my not-Lemons Miata. They added track day participation for membership about three years ago.

Mazda is quite generous with the program. Big discount on OEM parts - less than dealer wholesale. Discount on Mazda and third-party competition parts.

On the other hand, since when I buy OEM-ish parts for my track day Miata, they're used or RockAuto closeouts. I let my Mazdaspeed membership lapse. You have to submit new proof of qualification yearly. I haven't put any go-fast parts on it for a couple of years, but I may be in the market soon, so I should re-up.

Contact them to how you qualify. I'd be interested to hear if Lemons counts. Although wouldn't help us, unless Ford is doing a support program for Merkurs.

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Re: Discount OEM parts for Honda and Mazda racers?

I might just try applying for the Honda membership....just to see if they consider Lemons racing legit....!

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Re: Discount OEM parts for Honda and Mazda racers?

Mazda does consider Lemons racing legit enough for the program as long as you do at least 2 races a year. 

Once a year I take screenshots of: 1) the list of drivers from the Lemons website team info, 2) the list of races we were accepted into on the Lemons website, and 3) 2 race results for our car from  These pictures can then be submitted via the Mazda site.  After I do this, I just call up and they renew our membership while I'm on the phone.

The Mazda program is great.  We use it pretty often for stock parts, and I use it for my street car.  Multiple team members can set up credit cards and delivery addresses.  Reaching someone via phone is easy if needed, and they are very helpful.  We've gotten free overnight shipping from them a couple times just because I mentioned we had a race coming soon.