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The car I've picked up to build has working AC. Can I leave it intact? In Kentucky summers race cars should have working AC. I'm also looking for helpful hints for a newbie. I've very capable of doing anything mechanical the car needs but I know very little about racing seats and safety gear. Thanks in advance.

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AC will do you 0 good and depending on the car, could cost you the race (our Dustbuster minivan).  Having just run NCM, you CAN run a first time team/car without additional cooling because you are going to be smart and run short stints so everyone gets to drive before you break.

Now long term, a cool shirt set-up if you are normal or a cool seat setup is you are weird like us is a very good idea.  The former is more effective but more expensive and complicated while the latter is just as effective but by its nature will use more ice to do so.

Search this forum for newbie suggestions as it is extensively covered.  That said:

Cars are easy, people are hard...paying, reliable useful team members are impossible to find
"How not to fail Tech" print one copy for each team member and your cage builder.
It takes about $4000-6000 to get to your first race
Do not sweat the budget, sweat passing tech...take the laps if you get them because you cannot win your first race.

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Thanks for the reply! I'll just stay focused on getting the car race ready.

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And getting a team...from experience, sucks doing that first race solo.  Post where you are, lots of teams in the general area...might find someone local t come over and drink your beer while giving advice.

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Welcome to the asylum!

You will be surprised at how hot you can get racing a car wearing an insulating fire-resistant onesie, gloves and helmet. Even on nominally cool days. Cool shirt will be good for that, even if you just blip it on now and then.

Also, I'd say print out the rules and go through them at least twice making notes.

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AC likely won't help unless you get clever and figure out how to use it to cool your cool shirt water.
That's probably not something to focus on for a first race though. Get the car ready, aim for reliable, and turn laps. After that you can figure out what the car /drivers need.
My preference would be to leave the ac in. Maybe leave the ac belt off / use an ac bypass belt if the setup allows.

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