Topic: WTB: (8) 17" wheels in 5x4.5 aka 94-95 Mustang [Bay Area, CA or Boise]

I'm looking for more grip for my tbird and one item I'm considering is to swap my hubs from the 95 tbird 5x4.25 to 94-95 Mustang 5x4.5 bolt patterns. It's very easy to overpower our 16" x 7" wheels esp when the track is damp.

This is probably not a bad idea considering a) our wheel bearings are probably ancient so hub swap = new bearings and b) I've heard that you can get the "ugly" (which we don't care about) 94-95 mustang for "$100 for 4 all day long" but I've looked on Craigslist in the Bay Area and in Boise (where my teammate is based) and have yet to come across two sets at this reasonable price.

Anyone have a set or two they don't want anymore and are willing to sell them to me?
Obviously, I don't want any cracked/bent rims but if they are ugly but still sound, I'm game.

Please PM me and I'll work around your schedule (I live in SF and work in Mtn View).


PS. If you have two sets of 17" rims in 5x4.25 as well (89-97 tbird bolt pattern), let's talk. In that scenario, I won't bother with the hub swap.

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