Topic: looking to Join/Form a team in Columbia, SC CMP


I am interested in joining or forming a team in the vicinity of Columbia, SC for use at CMP / Road Atlanta.

I am an inexperienced and probably terrible driver. I am an electrical engineer and I do all my own automotive mechanics. Experienced with complex repairs such as piston ring and head replacement. I am not too familiar with machine shop work or fabrication. I'm a pretty terrible welder.

Let me know if you have a team that needs some additional drivers/wrenches, or are also interested in forming a team.


Re: looking to Join/Form a team in Columbia, SC CMP

I'm looking for someone for the CMP race at end of this month. if your interested call or txt 803-840-8742. I live in Sumter, S.C.


Re: looking to Join/Form a team in Columbia, SC CMP

I'm rebuilding the engine for the Stingata, the top secret bat cave/meager shop dwelling place is somewhere in the Lexington area. Hit me up at steve at standrews express dot com for more top secret info wink Plans are to run at NCM in July then sell the beast.

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Re: looking to Join/Form a team in Columbia, SC CMP

I have a car entered in the Lemons Fall race and I had a driver unable to make it. The car is an 88 Honda Civic with a D15/4 speed. I've run the car twice at Lemons races at CMP and we finished both races -  once middle of the pack and the other in the last 1/3rd of the field. We probably could have done a lot better but we were there mostly to have fun and just get some track time and drink beer. This time we are looking to be a little more competitive  but still have a blast. The car is fairly well sorted out, underpowered, super light and very easy to drive. If you haven't committed to a ride yet and are still interested there are a few seats left. Its $500 to show up and get equal driving time.
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