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starting new team in  CT to run CT race and maybe NH this year. have 4 definites and 1 maybe. Looking for a team member with Lemons experience.

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Sent you a message. I gave you my phone number, but in a classic turn of events I am in need of a replacement phone as of yesterday. Send me an email back

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I have experience driving from street stocks (rookie of the year 1991, champion 1992) to late model (a few wins), to prostock (one win), to dirt modified(Most fun I have ever had behind a wheel) all up here in NH. Hung up my helmet to start a family and career, ran a few prostock races through the 2000s but nothing full time, just filled in for friends. I ran my own Lemons car in 2014 in NH until the fuel rail came loose and spilled gas all over a hot motor...............well I think you can figure that one out smile ran consistent laps around 1:30+s. was invited to run another car at Thompson, and NHIS in 2015, and again in NHIS in 2016 although I have spent many hours with that team working hard and having fun, they sadly they will not make Thompson this year. I have slowly been rebuilding my charred ride and will also not be done for Thompson but will re debut at NHIS.

I Chief a Modified team on a weekly basis at Monadnock Speedway, and crew with the same team on a tour Modified every other week at Claremont Speedway
I take care of equipment and respect others on the track as in Lemons your really not racing the guy in front of you, beside you, or the car spun in the grass, your racing time.:)

let me know what you think

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I'm interested if you are doing New Hampshire  LMK

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are you looking for a driver or looking to join a team?