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My car.  Contact me at:

My 2004 RX-8 ist kaput.  If you will race it, it's yours for a nominal dollar.

Silver, Automatic transmission, no sunroof, normal interior.  At 131,500 or so on second engine (first replaced at ~45,000).  I've owned it for last 100k.

Current location at this minute: Dublin Mazda.  Will be getting it towed home in not too distant future.

Car ran before the electrical system went weird 2 weeks ago.  Had a hesitation/roughness from 4-5k RPM at times possibly the compression possibly something else worse, and check engine.  For both see details below.  Had been running with those for 4 months with expectation I needed gas system work I didn't have time for and a new engine in a year, but it ran fine and I was doing 0-60 runs on Bayfront Expressway the week before well under 7 sec most of the time.

What's wrong... that I know of... per dealer assessment over last week-ish:

0. Needs new battery.
1. Compression ~720 first rotor (ok) ~520 second (well under spec).  Run 'er till she drops: free.  Mazda motor $5k, third party $4200, or seals kit plus your work = ?..
2. Wiring harness ends got corroded by prior battery leak (Mazda factory replacement ~$450)
3. Alternator giving 18 volts (!) (Mazda factory replacement ~$595)
4. Needs new rear suspension struts
5. Has gas leak around seals on fuel pump.  Pending recall covers this; Dublin Mazda got auth to repair it under the pending recall but I haven't told them to do it.  Can tell them to do it before physical transfer effected if you want.
6. Needs passenger side airbag insulation thing done under recall.  Can tell them to do it under existing recall before physical transfer effected if you want.
7. Front A-arm ball joints under recall.  Can tell them to do it under the recall if you want.

I believe that's complete, I apologize if there's anything I left out or am not aware of.  No warranty etc etc.  As is.

Reg paid for the year but needs to be smogged if used on the road; needs gas leak fixed before can be smogged (check engine was on).  If you have any intention to road drive it to/from the track.  I'll give you the DMV "Smog me!" notice with the car, if you want to do that, so you can get that done and scan it after repairs.

Has newish ~5k mile Firestone Firehawk Indy 500s on it.  Wheels have some scuffs.  Body's ok.  Despite the rear struts, it corners like a dream. 

I am not going to spend $8-10k repairing it; I've traded my wife a new Mazda 3 for her RX-8 and I'm rotoring on.  A team who want to get a pretty honking good car to work with for a buck can have it, the hassle of me doing anything else other than donating to Goodwill or Cars for Kids doesn't make sense.

With repair part costs exceeding Craigslist costs for lower mileage ones in better condition, no sense of that, and my personal situation solved by horsetrading with my wife for her RX-8.  For non road use it'll be easy with the warranty repairs done and some wire and hopefully for the engine, an expert's own labor and a relatively cheap seals kit for the engine (I hope it's just the seals, but it's not been torn down).  I am not going to do that.  No time, no space.  So if you will it's yours.

DON'T REPLY ON FORUM I check irregularly at best.  (If you need to or think I'm fake or something, do whatever, but if you want to talk to me about the car email).  DEADLINE: midnight pacific time Friday July 7 2017.  If two or more teams or people forming teams contact me by the deadline then I'll ask for short descriptions about your rotary experience to determine a winner.  If one contacts me it's yours.

If nobody contacts me by then I'll be calling Goodwill Monday and it'll be out to part-out pasture most likely, which is sad for a fully intact body, interior, suspension (other than the ball joints and struts), transmission, etc.  But I can't justify my time and money to bring it back to road car status on my dime.  So if you want it, email.  Thanks.

If I get flooded with email I'll respond as quickly as possible to let people know your inquiries were received and figure out the winner as soon as practical, but no promises.

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Re: Mazda RX-8 2004 $1 CA SF Bay Area

So it took 5 hours of driving and overheating towing up the Altmont Pass, but I got the car!   smile

Now the Judges most certainly can't say I cheated paying only $1 for this car, y'all could have bought it for $1 too.
He said I was the ONLY ONE that responded to this ad.

This car is in excellent shape, way too nice for Lemons.

I bought another engine for $400 on ebay that had an engine fire, but the block SHOULD be ok,
so I am still under $500 on the car.  I will post Georges Viking Funeral for the car as soon as I figure out how to rotate
the video... got it, video:  hmm, see a theme here somewhere..

In the meantime, here it is.

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Re: Mazda RX-8 2004 $1 CA SF Bay Area

i mean i wanted it but being 3000 miles away is difficult at best haha  congrats never realized the rx8 is a miata that people fit inside, same suspension etc  good luck!

Re: Mazda RX-8 2004 $1 CA SF Bay Area

I'm looking forward to seeing this on track.  Should be a fun car, and as a fellow RX-8 owner, I can definitely attest to the Lemon-y status of an early auto with low compression and bad wiring, but also relate to the too nice for Lemons when running part :-D