Topic: Looking for position Driver/ wrench in Orlando,Fl area

Okay, who in the Orlando, Fl area needs a driver, wrench, ect in the form of an old guy. 10 years circle track in Pacific North West in driving and building my own cars.  Will have to put up with a crotchity old fart with fairly quick reflexes and a lot of ideas on car construction.  I am retired and living near Cape Canaveral, Fl.  Have experience with 2.3 liter fords and 5.7 chevies.  Fabricated my own Super Stock chassis and rebuilt motors..  Can weld...not pretty but they do hold well....LOL   If I could be an asset to your team, please contact me ASAP.  Would love to drive in the Sebring race if you need a driver.  Thanks for taking the time to read this crap...:)   Yeah,and on top of all that how many teams have their own Chiropractor to fix your beer elbow?

Re: Looking for position Driver/ wrench in Orlando,Fl area

bill no promises because things are a bit iffy....lokg story short i have two toyota passeo car one lemon one chump  I have had both engines home and rebuilt them myself in the garage..( so god knows if they will work)  needless to sat theres a lot of work to do after i return in november and we may not even see a track (also looking at trach days and other roadrace driving options....but like you i wanna get going    I'm based in Bowling Green 33834  east of tampa    when i get there my phone will be reconnected 772 214 0114  otherwise let me know if you have any interest  sort of looking to field a Seniors race team   Gary Forbes