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Topic: 1988 Ford Festiva, former Lemons Car - $200 OBO - Monroe, WA -SOLD!

"Ran when parked!" Fix it up (probably needs a lot of work to pass tech these days, but if you were sensible, you wouldn't be thinking about racing a Festiva in Lemons, now would you?) and race it or use it as a parts car for your Festiva or other Mazda-based Lemons monstrosity.

We campaigned this car during the 2008-2009 Lemons seasons and it's sat collecting moss and rust since then. Lots of good parts. It's pretty rusty at this point, so I'd probably use it as a parts donor rather than trying to rebuild it and race it again, but hey, it's not my funeral, and I'm not your mother!

For pics and full details, hit the CL ad at:  https://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/cto/6247202096.html

Located in Monroe, WA


Car has sold as of 8/13/2017.  To some guys who want to race it in Hornets.  Happy that it will be back on the back on the track at some point.

Re: 1988 Ford Festiva, former Lemons Car - $200 OBO - Monroe, WA -SOLD!

Anyone have an open trailer coming south from Seattle through norcal?
Or anyone need a car moved going north from norcal to Seattle instead?