Topic: (WA) Experienced driver looking for a team to join for August 26 Ridge

Experienced driver in the Washington state looking for a team to join for Lemons and Crapcan races.  I'm quick, and consistent without being abusive to equipment.  My funding for racing is stable and won't need to scrounge my seat cushions for change.  If local, I'm also flexible with helping out with team needs if scheduling can be done in advance.  I'm willing to race events in Washington, Oregon, and California.  I'm also drama free. I take my driving and car prep seriously, but otherwise I'm an easy going family guy that just wants to hangout with cool people who like to do the same.

Recent experience summary.  Currently Racing SCCA Spec Miata 2017 & 2016.  Raced class-A Lemons Integra at Thunderhill 2014 and Ridge 2014 & 2015.  Competed in SCCA NorthWest Club Trails.  Currently taking Race Academy training and recently won amateur kart race at Pacific Grand Prix.  ASE Certified in suspensions and brakes.  Work as professional systems engineer.  Complete profile on  References available.

Tacoma, WA

Re: (WA) Experienced driver looking for a team to join for August 26 Ridge

We have a spot open in the NachoFriend 1985 Celica. Not much power but it handles well.

We have a facebook page under NachoFriend.

Class B. Let me know if you are interested.