Topic: radio frequency and other brain swelling questions

What frequencies are legal to operate on for the races without a license? We are looking at the baofeng radios, but we don't want to run into problems, also does anyone know what frequencies to avoid at cmp for emergency, police etc....

Re: radio frequency and other brain swelling questions

You will want to stick to FRS frequencies without a license, although strictly speaking the Baofeng's aren't legal to use on those frequencies due to lack of FCC certification and removable antennas, but that hasn't stopped many people from using them.  More information about FRS can be found here: … ervice-frs

As for which frequencies to avoid at CMP, if you're sticking to FRS, you won't be interfering with any local services, but you can look them up here:

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Re: radio frequency and other brain swelling questions

First advice on the BaoFeng's. Good radios and a great value but require knowledge to avoid johhny law coming down on you. So Google, Google, Google. Google CHIRP especially. Search search search on this forum too.

On frequencies, we use the GMRS bands. Technically, you need an $85 license to use GMRS. Functionally, the FCC doesn't care. Google FMS vs. GMRS to learn more.

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Re: radio frequency and other brain swelling questions

Stick to these:
CH 15  462.5500 -GMRS 1
CH 1    462.5625 -GMRS 9/FRS
CH 16  462.5750 -GMRS 2
CH 2    462.5875 -GMRS 10/FRS
CH 17  462.6000 -GMRS 3
CH 3    462.6125 -GMRS 11/FRS
CH 18  462.6250 -GMRS 4
CH 4    462.6375 -GMRS 12/FRS
CH 19  462.6500 -GMRS 5
CH 5    462.6625 -GMRS 13/FRS
CH 20  462.6750 -GMRS 6
CH 6    462.6875 -GMRS 14/FRS
CH 21  462.7000 -GMRS 7
CH 7    462.7125 -GMRS 15/FRS
CH 22  462.7250 -GMRS 8
CH 8    467.5625 -FRS
CH 9    467.5875 -FRS
CH 10  467.6125 -FRS
CH 11  467.6375 -FRS
CH 12  467.6625 -FRS
CH 13  467.6875 -FRS
CH 14  467.7125 -FRS

For  the GMRS/FRS channels you should stay below 5W

For the GMRS only ones you can go to 50W technically.

OBEY THE SPACING! it's there for a reason. and the gap between 462.7250 and 467.5625 is also there for a reason. Just don't.

5kHz deviation, Narrow-band (NFM) if possible.

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