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I have two seats available for CMP Fall. The car is an 88 Honda Civic with a D15 / 4 speed that has ran and finished there twice mid to tail end of the field. We could have done better but we did the Lemons thing primarily to get track time and have fun. The car has been continuously improved and has proved to be very reliable. Its fairly well sorted out, still underpowered, light as hell and a blast to drive minus the front straight at CMP. There will be no awards won with the current set up but you will get plenty of driving time, plenty of BBQ and Beer.
$500 gets you equally divided seat time split between all drivers for the weekend.... and plenty of cheap beer.

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I just sent you a PM.

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Talking with a first time race team at the moment but if that falls through I'd like to be considered. I'll PM you.

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2 drivers here.

I raced there last year and my friend is a PCA National Instructor with w/w experience.

PM'd you too

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I am interested in helping out.  I can drive or wrench , whatever.  I have a little SCCA  autocross racing experience.  I am a non aggressive safe driver.  I am working on a car for next year and would like to check out Lemons this year.

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I might be interested in a weekend at CMP.  I currently race in the Eastern Region (15 Races) and our  Team is a consistent Top 5 runner. We're well known and FAST. I'm always ranked as a Top Driver on Eastern Region Results.  In addition to Lemons, I have years of Racing experiences and Thousanda and Thousanda of Race Laps Logged.

Give me a call, if you still need a driver.

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Still looking?

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