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Topic: old crows @ button turrible

well, the lowlight video is considerably shorter than usual this race not because of the clean racing, but because of too much time spent in the pits by the two mechanically-challenged Old Crows who were foolish enough to go to Buttonwillow. The bent tie rod took hours to replace because it was so stuck on at the factory with red loctite that we had to use our floor jack to turn the big crescent wrench 1/12 of a turn at a time...for an hour! Later, somebody told us "yeah, you gotta heat it with a blowtorch".Then, fuel pressure issues plagued us the rest of the weekend, burned two fuel pumps. Today, found that it was probably due to a crimped fuel line. Oh well.

Many thanks to Mark, Chris, and Dan  from the Pink Panzer team and Mike from the Boiling Hassenpfeffers for helping us out, and kind
apology accepted from the Sheepshaggers!


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Re: old crows @ button turrible

Great video, thanks

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Re: old crows @ button turrible

Someone should tell that 300ZX team its way more fun to race on the track than off the track.