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Hi there fellow crapcan racers!  Team F-bomb (based in north county San Diego CA) is looking for a local San Diego driver.  The rest of our team has relocated to San Francisco Bay area, and I’m looking for someone who can help split the road trip to the events— the commute to the event isn’t the highlight of anyone’s race weekend!

About us:  F-bomb has a 2000 Miata, and we usually place top 20.  I wrench on the car routinely so we’ve been fortunate to not have major mechanicals during events.  We usually race 4 events a year (Inde Az, Sonoma, Thunderhill, and Buttonwillow). 

Looking for people who are chill to hang with in the pits, yet focused on turning consistent laps, and trying not to get black flags.

We usually run 4 ppl team, but we have a base of 6 guys we rotate in.  We keep the fees super equitable amongst the drivers.

If you’re interested in joining any or all of the Cali events next year, hit me up! —Andrew

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I live in Los Angeles could I be of any help?

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i drove a nuclear fast attack submarine 6 hours at a time for 4 years does that count wink

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If you are desperate enough to post here for a driver, I might stand a chance of passing your requirements, but not a background test.

I've driven a bunch of Lemons races. More than I care to remember. All in a Foxbody Mustang with AOD. It's an easy ride.

I'm in North Hollywood, just off the 5. I usually drive up to the races using my truck. We have raced Buttonwillow, Sonoma, Laguna Seca (for Chumpy), Thunderhill, and Streets of Willow.

Current team is hang loose. A little too loose. Not much interest in working on the car, or taking time off kid's games to get together.

Looking to get back on track. Will split reasonable costs (No premier suites at the Super 8)

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Recently moved to north county SD from the Bay, and definitely interested!

Even if you guys filled the spot already, would love to meet up and help out where possible!


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Hey, my name is bory, been racing ovals in stock cars and legends since 2000, last two years been running enduro cars at irwindale and orange show, I run a 94 Corolla, the only one in the field,
This year alone iv had 6 wins, 3- 2nds, 2-3rd, 2-4ths
Have had fastest laps numerous times, 2 races one at each track led every lap!
No DNF's. With 4th place being my worst finish. I'm consistent smooth and fast! Would love to take your team to the next level. Have great knowledge on how to make a car turn and hookup. Thanks
Live in glendora Cali 626-241-5064

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Hi everyone- thanks for the responses.  Our team is currently full again— thank you for your interest.

If you do indeed live in San Diego and are still interested, HMU as we rotate and flex drivers sometimes.  Sorry but not currently seeking LA area drivers.

Thank you for your response, community!