Topic: Looking for team members in Atlanta area!

So yeah, title says it all.  We currently have 3 team members living in Atlanta, looking for more.  We will not be ready to run the Scrotium 500 this December, but we will be ready for the 'Shine country classic in Alabama come February.  I've already applied to race it, fingers crossed that we will be accepted.  Our race car is a 1988 GMC Jimmy.  It will ROCK!  Team name is the Jimmy Jammers.  We will "Jam our Jimmy into any hole we can find on a racetrack."

Anywhooo... we are a fun group of guys, looking to race.  Finding people to jump on as last minute drivers only won't be a problem, but we would rather have drivers that share in the experience of building the race car as well. 

So reply to the thread if you are interested, or for better communication, contact me through email at

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