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Wheel Team 6 is looking for a driver for this weekend in Atlanta.  Pay the Lemons people their money, and pay for a tank or 2 of gas and we'll call it square. 

We are a team of 2 1-time drivers, 2 new drivers, and a car that did 5 hours and caught on fire its first race.  It's a BMW 740.  Manage your expectations accordingly. 

Special consideration given to those with race experience and mechanics.  Send me a forum mail or reply here. 


Wheel Team 6.

Re: Looking for Driver, Road Atlanta Sat-Sun

I plan to be there and would love to drive, but I don't have the driver gear yet. I'm always willing to lend a hand where needed.

I haven't raced in Lemons, but I've done a few laps at Nurburgring and Hockenheim Ring without any incidents.
(A couple of the laps at Nurburgring were in my '98 BMW 318 Touring (wagon).  It was pretty much the ugliest and slowest car out there, so that should count for something... LOL

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Live in Birmingham, have all gear, ready to go.
Did majority of my Skip Barber open wheel stuff @ Road Atlanta, it is my most experienced track.
Also got no problem turning wrenches, fueling or using the fire extinguisher.
Hit me up, your flaming beemer sounds fun.
205-789-9718 -> Erick
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Re: Looking for Driver, Road Atlanta Sat-Sun

I'm interested.  Run a bunch of HPDE every year.  Am an engineer and handy with a wrench.  I am 6'5" though, so if I will fit in the car, I can drive.  Let me know if you need a driver. 312-914-8915.