Topic: Driver Gear for sale on-site at races?

I'll be at Road Atlanta this weekend for the Scrotium 500. 

If by some wild chance there is a team there short on drivers and willing to let a newbie take the wheel,...

Is there typically a vendor on-site selling the Driver Gear packages, or is it mail order only?

Re: Driver Gear for sale on-site at races?

Unlikely at best. I've seen a few pieces of gear at track stores, but never full setups, and usually very expensive. The gear on the lemon's website isn't actually stocked by Lemons, they just forward the orders off to pyrotect, so none of the gear is trucked around race to race.

The other issue you have is the database for the race is closed. Adding you as a driver now, or at the track, will cost a lot. Unlikely a team will want to go through the headache for an unproven new driver without gear.

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Re: Driver Gear for sale on-site at races?

Drivers gear was reasonable at Thompson Pro shop Couple of my team mates got new suites and I got gloves and a helmet.  You just never know when a sale might be taking place.

Re: Driver Gear for sale on-site at races?

Thanks for the feedback.  Pretty much what I expected.  Ya gotta start somewhere...